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LAMBDOOP is the new Big Data middleware designed for data scientist and developers to easily build Big Data solutions combining streaming and batch data analytics. Here are three reasons you should use LAMBDOOP:

It provides a unified technology stack for both real-time, batch and hybrid data processing. No duplicated programming efforts. Easily extend Big Data application to combine any type of data with no recoding.

High level programming environment. No MapReduce coding, streaming topology processing or complex NoSQL. Easily extend data processing operations, including machine learning, visualization or aggregated workflows.

Easily deploy, monitor and manage your hybrid Big Data environment.


Business are grappling with the problem of analyzing massive amount of data to be able to respond to real-time events using historical learning to guide the response.


This challenge requires seamless integration of data-in-motion and historical data analysis. Current technology frameworks cannot do both. They are based in very different technology stacks, requiring extremely painful integration and duplication of programming efforts. That's why we have made LAMBDOOP, to unlock the value of the Big Data that matters.