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About the Ultra-low temperature Cold chain of GT

         To build the professional Ultra-low temperature cold chain base in theworld

         Guangdong Guotong Industry City, which enjoys thereputation of "five-star experts in food supply", focuses on buildinginternational fresh supply chain, actively creating ultra-low temperature coldchain logistics base, and constructing safety and quality bench-marking systemto become the largest and most professional ultra-low temperature cold chainbase   in the world. Guotong ultra-lowtemperature cold chain, using aerospace technology customized production of1000 ultra-low temperature -60 ℃ freezers by standard container,is   the collection of ultra-lowtemperature, chilling, freezing, preservation function in one.

          The first onekilometer of speed   freshening and thelast kilometer of food safety

          Eachultra-low temperature freezer can hold about 30 tons of food products forglobal origin purchase and for the whole cold chain transport, can effectivelyprotect "the first kilometer" of the speed freshening on theprocurement, as well as "last kilometer" of food safety on the distributionto the table .

Guotong willplace -60 ℃ ultra-low temperature freezer to ocean-going   vessels and the origin of marine fishing, andat all stages of processing, storage, transportation, distribution and retailterminals, they are always in a very low temperature state to ensure foodsafety, availability and taste.

Significance of ultra-low temperature

Theoperation of the ultra-low temperature cold chain base is a great innovation ofthe Chinese food cold chain industry, opening a revolutionary chapter forChina's food safety、 material saving and reducingwast. It also provides powerful technical guarantee for marine development andinternational competition. At the same time,It is strategic significance forexpanding international trade, improving the construction of cross-borderlogistics channels, and fully enhancing China's geographical advantages inlinking Southeast Asia, Australia and Europe, and is another major achievementin sustained deep implementation of the strategic concept of "Belt and Road".It is also another booster to promote the common development and prosperity ofChina and the countries producing marine products, which will make a uniquecontribution to the construction of a new pattern of Guangdong's opening to theoutside world.

An important ?matching establishment

Guotong Square is a key construction project inShunde District, Foshan City, with an investment of 6 billion yuan and aconstruction area of 1.1 million square meters. The core is to be South China's foreign trade aggregate,   a"BigMac" landmark complex with the development of   tourist shopping center, the world foodcapital, the food culture industry park, the modern logistics industry park andCross-border shopping park. Guotong Square will provide safe and reliable foodproducts for the common people by the construction of ocean world andspecialized market of food materials, effectively realize "buy from thewhole world, sell to the whole world", and build the largest seafood importcenter in China.

Powerful  support

FoshanGuotong bonded Logistics Center is invested and built by Guangdong GuotongLogistics City Co., Ltd. It provides a strong guarantee for the operation ofultra-low temperature cold chain logistics base. The bonded logistics center isthe first national B type bonded logistics center in Foshan area. It is alsothe highest grade special customs supervision place and important import andexport land port service platform in Foshan.